Dear Rylie,

First picture of Rylie as a puppy.
Puppy Rylie walking on a hardwood floor.
Puppy Rylie sitting on my lap for the first time.
Vickie holding Rylie.
Rylie laying on our bed.
Rylie and I cuddling up!
Rylie excitedly looking at the camera.
Rylie lying on his back.
Rylie after getting a haircut.
Rylie laying on Vickie's chest.
Rylie sitting in the passenger seat.
Rylie relaxing on a pool float.
Rylie wearing a beanie and licking my hand.
Rylie and his friend Little Miss.
Rylie snoozing and using my leg as a pillow.
Vickie and Rylie in the car.
Vickie and Rylie hanging out on the porch.
Vickie hugging Rylie on our old bed.
Rylie looking handsome for the camera.
Rylie on a leash going on a walk in the woods.
Rylie hanging out on the porch after a very bad haircut.
Rylie playing in the snow.
Rylie and I relaxing on the couch.
Handsome picture of Rylie in an Instagram-like filter.
Vickie and Rylie posing for a photo on the couch.
Dorky picture of Rylie looking really poofy.
Vickie and Rylie posing for a picture in our house.
Another handsome photo of Rylie.
Vickie and Rylie hanging out!
Rylie resting and showing puppy dog eyes.
Photo of Rylie and I acting crazy!
Rylie smiling for the camera
Rylie resting on the floor.
Rylie in colorful red and blue lighting.
Rylie looking funny wearing a hoodie on his head.
Rylie relaxing on the couch.
We miss you, buddy!